TENBURY Music Festival has given a boost to a charity that helps young people who suffer from cancer.

Following Tenbury’s Music Festival in June the organisers invited Charlotte Kendall, of Teenage Cancer Trust, to visit the town and receive a donation towards the Trust.

Festival Chair, David Burton, welcomed Charlotte to Tenbury, and together with Company Secretary, Melanie Fletcher, expressed great pleasure in presenting a cheque for £2,000 to Teenage Cancer Trust

“As well as having a great festival this year, blessed with good weather, it’s the icing on the cake to be able to support Teenage Cancer Trust in this way,” said David Burton.

Ms Fletcher said that the charity is delighted to have the support of the music festival.

“It’s fantastic to have the support of Tenbury Music Festival each year and we have been delighted to follow its growth in popularity since its inception in 2015 - well done Tenbury!”.

This was the fourth year for the Music Festival and bands performed across two stages.

Whilst the Festival took place in the middle of a heat wave people kept hydrated and there were no problems.

Cancer is often seen as an illness that affects older people, but it can also strike the young.

According to the Teenage Cancer Trust every day an average of seven people aged between 13 and 24 years will receive a cancer diagnosis.

Whilst there are hospital wards and facilities for children with cancer and older people there is a shortage of units specifically to meet the needs of teenagers and young people with the disease.

Teenagers not only have to put up with the huge physical and emotional challenges that go with a cancer diagnosis but can in some cases find themselves either facing the prospect of being treated in a children’s ward or alongside much older people.

Laura Hunter from near Tenbury, who had a breast cancer diagnosis in her 20’s has been campaigning for better support for young people who have the disease.

She has said that most of the local support groups are predominantly designed for older people and that to find support it can be necessary to have to go on line.

The Tenbury Music Festival is an event that younger people can call their own and provides opportunities for younger performers to show what they can do.

Details of the 2019 Tenbury Music Festival are expected to be known soon as the committee prepare for the event next year when it will be five years’ old.