A CONTROVERSIAL bed push without a bed raised more than £3,000 for the Friends of Ludlow Hospital.

But it has not been decided how the £3,338.75 will be spent as last year health chiefs refused to accept the money.

They said that the fund raising that involved men dressed in a ‘Carry on’ style caricature of nurses was inappropriate and sexualised women.

“As yet we haven’t decided on its distribution - we do of course discuss it with the participants first,” said Peter Corfield, chairman of the Ludlow Hospital League of Friends.

“There were more volunteers on the push this year and they avoided the ‘in your face’ poses and concentrated on the fun element, assisted this year by some female volunteers dressed as porters and male clinicians.

“We aim to continue our support of community health issues, moving on from last year’s funding for the first responders and providing public access defibrillators and we have already committed to funding the film shows for people with learning difficulties which are presented by the Assembly Rooms, and we are also funding a My Dementia TV system for inpatients which not only provides a range of music and films for all patients, but also provides special games and footage for dementia patients and palliative care.”