TO celebrate the second anniversary of Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross on Sunday, the council have waived the entry charge for the day.

Join the celebration and enjoy free light refreshments, hand waver flag giveaways, and festive decorations.

Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross hosts a permanent local collection that is managed by and belongs to Shropshire Council.

One case is used for a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions, the current exhibition celebrates the Fossils in Shropshire project made possible by The Friends of Ludlow Museum securing a substantial grant awarded in 2016 for the digitisation of the geological collections.

This is known by the acronym “FISH”: Fossils In Shropshire, although the work will extend beyond fish, indeed beyond fossils, to embrace the whole of the geology collection.

The next temporary showcase changeover on Saturday, September 29, will feature local WW1 memorabilia and items from local retailer Poyners, celebrating 100yrs of trading in 2018.

There is an ongoing programme of evening lectures and events. The next few events commemorate WWI.

On Thursday, October 28, at 6:30pm the museum will open to show The Building of a WWI Aircraft, the evening with David Bremner includes a film telling the story of building of a replica of his grandfather’s Bristol Scout WWI aircraft - followed by a question time for the audience.

On Thursday, November 8, Poetry in your Pocket: 100 Years: Wilfred Owen and the Armistice Commemoration, will be led by Bernie Lynch.

The Buttercross has seen many different roles since it began life as the butter market in Ludlow.

It was for a time the home to Ludlow Town Council until a partial ceiling collapse resulted in a major reservation.

After a prolonged period empty it was decided to make it the home to the new museum in the town centre.