Hay Fairtrade invites you to free coffee cocktails and the screening of a heartwarming documentary from actor Hugh Jackman (Les Misérables, The Greatest Showman), in which he tells how a meeting with a coffee farmer in Ethiopia inspired him to start his company Laughing Man Coffee, and a Foundation to support families in emerging countries.

The free event, tonight at 7pm, is at the Globe in Hay. Before the 70-minute film, Dukale's Dream, there will be a coffee tasting by Method Roastery, the Herefordshire coffee roasters, who source ethically traded beans from around the world, working directly with farmers and co-operatives. After the film, Hay Fairtrade is delighted to host a very special guest from Hay's twin town of Timbuktu. Mohamed Aher is a specialist leather craftsman who, with other artisans in a lawless country, faces daily battles to create and sell his work. The Haymakers Gallery in Hay is one important source of income for makers in Mali.