BUS Users Shropshire (BUS) and Ludlow 21 have joined forces to ask people about bus travel during the sixth annual national Catch the Bus Week.

Catch the Bus Week is an industry-wide initiative supported by sustainable transport group Greener Journeys, which urges people to try using the bus instead of their car by challenging the preconceptions of bus travel.

The environmental group Ludlow 21 has identified that there is a lack of bus shelters in Ludlow, especially at Corve Street which is busiest bus stop in town.

A decent shelter is one with three transparent sides to protect people from the elements and the group says they are in short supply in Ludlow.

There are shelters in all main bus stops in other surrounding market towns including Craven Arms, Cleobury Mortimer, Leominster.

But this is not the case in Ludlow. that has a bus shelter for every 5,500 residents whereas Shrewsbury has one for every 780.

Comments Phil Adams, from Ludlow 21:

“ There is a very strong support to date for a shelter and seating. However, we have also received a substantial number of complaints about lack of public transport information. The busiest inter urban route from the Corve Street Stop is the 435 bus to Shrewsbury, yet there is no timetable information at the stop for this service. When surveying, I have to carry my own home-made timetables for routes to answer the enquiries people make. There is also a large number of first-time visitors at the present who are finding the lack of bus information appalling. We are continuing the survey in coming weeks to ensure we have a representative sample of users.”