TENBURY store Bowkett’s has donated £1,000 towards the town’s community musical as part of its NISA, Make A Difference Campaign.

Every year the store chooses a worthy cause that benefits the town as a whole and last year chose The Regal that dates back to the 1930’s.

Last year saw The Regal celebrate its 80th Birthday and as part of the celebrations it produced a community musical.

The show was so successful Theatre Manager Adey Ramsel decided to make it an annual event.

This year The Wizard of Oz see’s over 100 local adults and children take part on and off stage.

The Regal in Tenbury has an extensive programme of community activity that involves providing training and workshops for people from the town and surrounding area.

Included in this is an annual pantomime in which local performers work alongside professional actors.

As well as plays and musicals the Regal is also a home for a programme of visiting performers and comedians.

It also shows films throughout the year.

The Regal was built in the 1930’s and benefitted from a £700,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It is owned by Tenbury Town Council but the day to day running of the venue is undertaken by an independent trust on a long lease.

There are ambitious plans for expansion.