“THE trouble with politics is that you have to follow the code of the party, often when you know it’s not right.

“You have to say others are wrong, when you sometimes know they’re right. That’s a violation of truth.”

These are the words of the veteran actor William Roach (Ken Barlow of Coronation Street), at least as reported in The Radio Times.

He sums up rather well why many of us despite being very interested in politics and recognising its importance, decide not to join or align with any particular party.It is also probably one of the reasons why politicians are held in such low esteem.

The dilemma of supporting something with which we may not agree and indeed may strongly disagree is hugely pertinent for politicians at this time for reasons that do not need spelling out.

Many MPs, including probably our own Harriett Baldwin in West Worcestershire and Philip Dunne in Ludlow, are currently supporting the Government in taking through something which they campaigned passionately against. The same is surely of the Prime Minister, who is the daughter of a Vicar who one might expect to do what she believes is right for the country that she leads.

Regardless of whether we agree or disagree on the topic and this is not what this article is about, many people, even those who take an opposite view will admire the former Justice Minister Phillip Lee who resigned because he could not support his Government on something that he believes is so against the interest of the country.

As Mr Lee said he realised that he has to be able to look his children in the face in the future and say with honesty that he did what he believes is best for them.

It is a brave view that may not do his political career much good in the short term at least but will do much to restore a bit of faith in the integrity of his profession.

Government would be difficult without political parties. There is a need to have people standing on a platform and inevitable that they will not agree with every dot or comma. In life there are times when we all will all find ourselves holding our noses and doing what we may not like.

But let us ask that as vital decisions are being made that will have a huge long term impact upon the future of our country, both Harriett Baldwin and Philip Dunne will have no cause in the future to regret their actions at this time.

Politicians should recognise that on really big issues that will have a massive impact upon the lives of the people that they represent it is not the party whips but their conscience that should be their guide.