THE final Bank Holiday weekend before August was mixed for traders and businesses in Ludlow.

It was not the blazing weather with record temperatures that marked the holiday weekend and the beginning of May but was respectable.

The early May holiday coincided with the arrival in town of the fair when people were able to enjoy some record temperatures.

Run over four days the May Fair brought more business into local shops, pubs, hotel, restaurants and other attractions.

Ludlow has established itself as an all the year round tourist town but is busier in the summer with good weather increasing the number of visitors.

The weather was also good for the spring food festival and Marches Transport Festival that were staged in the grounds of Ludlow Castle. This event also provided a boost for traders.

However, the next big test will be the Ludlow Fringe Festival that takes place in the final fortnight of June.

This also will see the return of Shakespeare to the grounds of the Castle for outdoor performances at which there will not be cover making them vulnerable to bad weather.

But to counter this many events will be indoors.