More Morris dancers than you could shake a stick at are due to gather for a very special celebration on Saturday, June 9 in Leominster.

Local women’s side Jenny Pipes Morris are holding a 30th birthday party with dancing around the town from five different Morris teams from 11am.

The day offers a unique opportunity to see several contrasting styles of dancing, which will add to the colour and vibrancy of the party.

Sides attending include Appleyard Country Dancers from Malvern, Foxwelp Morris from Moccas, Glorishears of Brummagem and the newly formed Ledbury Border Morris side as well as the more familiar sight in the town of the Jenny Pipes dancers themselves.

Jenny Pipes was an infamous local figure, known as the last woman in England ducked for being a ‘scold’ and featured, along with members of the Morris side, in an episode of Antiques Road trip screened last year. Today’s Morris dancers are proud of their famous namesake, but it is said that none of them will own up to being a ‘scold’ or nagging wife!

You can see the dancers showcase their talents in Corn Square and outside The Grange from 11 o’clock till lunchtime , then at The White Lion. In the afternoon the dancers will perform at Berrington Hall.