WORKING Together, a Ludlow charity supporting adults and young people with learning disabilities, held a celebratory Afternoon Tea has staged an afternoon tea.

The event was to thank members and friends past and present.

There have been a number of changes recently with Working Together.

Founders Richard Geuter and Miranda Duckworth left at Christmas and are now taking a well earned retirement rest.

Working Together has also said goodbye to long standing Trustees Roy Johnston and Juliet Trotter and a number of volunteers.

The charity has also welcomed new members, staff, volunteers and Trustees in the past few months to take Working Together forward to the next stage.

So there was much to celebrate and to look forward to, many people to say thank you to and what better way to do so than with Sunday Afternoon Tea.

“Anyone associated with the charity over the past 17 years, together with anyone interested in becoming part of Working Together now or in the future was welcome to come along, said Roma Jackson, chair of Trustees.

The charity provides much needed support for young people who faced particular challenges in an area where there have already been cuts in youth services.

One of the issues that has arisen in work by Ludlow Town Council to identify some of the needs of the town in the future is how to provide more for young people who can find themselves very isolated and with little to do.

This can cause problems such as criminality and drug abuse.

To find out more, or to get involved with Working Together call 01584 318925 or email