FORMER defence minister Philip Dunne believes that the UK was correct to join the USA and France in attacking Syria.

The Ludlow MP voted in favour of the action that involved four RAF Tornadoes firing long range missiles into Syria.

“The Prime Minister was absolutely right to take action. These highly targeted strikes were a direct response, to uphold and defend the global consensus that chemical weapons should not be used. We cannot allow their use to become normalised - either within Syria, on the streets of the UK or elsewhere. So I fully support this action.

“I am also clear that the Prime Minister has the power to act in these circumstances,” said Philip Dunne.

“This was not about Britain undertaking regime change or becoming involved in a long and costly war. These were limited, carefully calibrated precision strikes. The Prime Minister has access to the full scope of British intelligence, not available to MPs, so any vote in the House of Commons would not have been fully informed.

“Equally, relying on the UN would have been tantamount to washing our hands of this issue.”

Philip Dunne was Minister for Defence Procurement, a role that was also held by Harriett Baldwin, MP member of Parliament for West Worcestershire that includes Tenbury.