SEVERN Trent has met with people in Ludlow ahead of work to install new and reliable water pipes to make sure wonderful water is on tap whenever it’s needed.

The company is planning to install the new pipes in the Seifton, Culmington and Whitbatch areas surrounding Ludlow as part of a £7m project to replace around 50km of water pipes in Shropshire.

“Our customers use our water in so many wonderful ways and we know how important it is to make sure water is there whenever they need it,” said Dave Kierman, who is leading the project for Severn Trent.

“That’s why we’ve taken the decision to replace these pipes and to make sure everyone has a really reliable supply of water for the future.

“Before we start work we want to meet with people who live in the local area to share more information about our plans and listen to any concerns they might have.”

Work is planned to start on Monday, April 23 at the Seifton Lane junction of the B4365, working from Seifton to Culmington. Work will then continue towards Whitbatch down towards the A49.

“We’ll be carrying out work under roads and private land, and when we work on the roads we will need to have temporary closures in place to keep our engineers and road users safe,” added Mr Kierman.

“This is really vital work for the local area that will provide a really reliable water supply for many years to come and our engineers will work quickly to get the new pipes installed and local roads back to normal.”

Many water mains date back decades and as well as improving supplies replacements are also made to cut high levels of water wastage.