CONSTRUCTION work is now underway in Clifton upon Teme.

This rural development is due to launch in summer 2018, with the first homes expected to be ready for purchasers to move in the autumn.

The Meadows situated off Pound Lane will provide an assortment of two, three, four and five-bedroom homes.

In support of the local community the developer, Lovell Home, will be contributing nearly £500,000 towards transport recreation and education.

“Clifton upon Teme is a delightful village. We look forward to welcoming new families into the community, and to our school, which has proudly served the children of Clifton since 1844,” said Cathryn Throup, head teacher at Clifton upon Teme Primary School, who helped to cut the first sod when construction started.

Clifton-upon-Tem was one of the first areas in Malvern Hills District to have their Neighbourhood Plans officially backed by the public.

Voters went to the polls in October 2017 to decide whether or not to support their documents, which give residents more of a say in how both communities develop in future.

More than 50 per cent of those voting had to support the plans in order for them to be officially adopted by Malvern Hills District Council and used when making decisions on planning applications.

In Clifton upon Teme 132 people took part in the poll with 92.4 per cent answering a similar question with a yes vote.

Clifton upon Teme Parish Council was responsible for drawing up and submitting their respective plans which have been subject to public consultation and examination by an independent planning inspector.

The Clifton upon Teme plan covers a number of themes ranging from supporting investment in the economy, tourism and home working to protecting local community facilities and significant views

It also include policies to guide the development of new housing.

The documents was presented to a meeting of Malvern Hills District Council at the end of November for formal adoption.

Future housing development has been a major issue in Tenbury and the Teme Valley with opinion split between those who favour more housing including lower costs homes for people from the area whilst others fear that too much development will damage the beauty and character of the area.

Malvern Hills District Council, the planning authority is facing pressure from Government to allow more homes to be built.