USING an e-cigarette could set off a fire alarms.

People living in Ludlow and south Shropshire should also be careful using aerosols near alarms.

Aerosols, toasters and even e-cigarettes are to blame for triggering false fire alarms, says Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.

They are urging home and business owners to help cut down the number of needless firefighter callouts by being more aware of the causes.

“So don’t dust but gently vacuum your smoke detector to remove particles, check the batteries regularly and test your alarm each week as it may save your life one day,” said Fire Safety Inspecting Officer Dan Adams.

Firefighters are called out needlessly to hundreds of false alarms in homes and businesses across the county each year with the main causes being cooking fumes and faulty alarms. They have attended more than 100 false alarms since the beginning of the year, many at business premises and hospitals.

Unnecessary false alarms were also made at schools, supermarkets, car parks, nursing homes and offices across the county. Causes included workmen triggering a house alarm,cooking fumes in a hospital and dust.