TENBURY Town Band has been making a noise for young people in the town.

The Café 27 Youth Café relies on the generous support of local charities and groups such as the Town Band to enable it to provide a safe and welcoming environment that offers a place in which young people can meet safely and to socialise with their friends.

To help the work to continue the Town Band has donated £1,087 to Café 27 that is just a few doors up from The Regal Cinema.

The money was raised at the Christmas Concert staged at The Regal before Christmas.

It opened in January 2001 and is proud of its successes over the last 17 years!

Trained staff provide advice and support for young people at a very important time of their lives.

This could be careers advice, help to attend a job centre interview, finding a place for someone to live or just to do their homework successfully!

It offers outdoor activities and summer activities such as a successful 6 to 7 project which helps to prepare the new pupils for their first year at the high school.

Café 27 also provides a base for other groups such as the successful ‘Shoot for the Stars’ group which supports young people with additional needs.

Recently it has developed a link with St Michaels College providing their students with a base on a Friday night.

Formed on 1983 the Town Band has grown over the years and has around 40 regular players

It also has a thriving apprentices band of all ages for either youngsters just starting off with an instrument or older ones wishing to have a go at an additional one.

The apprentice band is now around 20 strong and members are encouraged to join in with the main band sitting next to more experienced musicians which is great for their experience.

Musicians attend many functions throughout the year including fetes and shows as well as supporting Tenbury with many of its official events.

There are two main concerts a year with the Christmas one being a charity one and the proceeds going to good causes.

Over the years the band has managed to give thousands of pounds to local and national charities.

Tenbury Town Band has put a high priority upon supporting links with young people in the town whom it is often claimed have limited opportunities.

As well as providing a place to socialise with friends Cafe 27 offers a place where people who need it can go to obtain support. However, the charity has often had to struggle for the funding that it needs.

In a recent report to the Town Council the deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Tracey Onslow spoke about the vulnerability of many young people, especially to online abuse.