BARCLAYS Bank in has closed in Tenbury.

This is despite protests from West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin.

The closure further cuts banking services and the MP whose constituency includes Tenbury says that people should vote with their feet.

She says that people who are not satisfied with their bank should look to take their business elsewhere.

“I always give local people the advice that if they are unhappy with a bank, it is now easy and convenient to switch to another bank and I encourage unhappy customers to do that,” she added.

The MP has also been involved in the decision by Barclays to close a branch in Pershore that is also in her constituency.

“However, I do know that both branches were busy and I would challenge the data on usage, added Mrs Baldwin.

“Certainly, this will cost Barclays customers in Tenbury.

“I have registered my dissatisfaction with the senior management, but I do urge unhappy Barclays’ customers to make the point themselves and switch banks.”

The closure of banks in small towns has been an increasing issues in rural areas up and down the country.

There have been a number of bank closures in Tenbury and the Teme Valley as well as in Ludlow and south Shropshire over recent years.

Last year HSBC closed a branch in Ludlow - one of 60 bank closures announced by the group.

Banks claim that the number of people using branches has been falling because of changes including the wider take up of internet banking.

This has a particular impact in rural areas.