A CALL has been made for a snow warden scheme in Ludlow.

It comes from Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North following the heavy fall at the beginning of December.

Andy Boddington also wants better education in how to deal with snow including making sure that in clearing driveways people do not block pavements. He said that it is not just the snowfall but refreezing after it starts to melt.

“Pedestrians were at great risk,” said Mr Boddington.

“Several people slipped over and I was among them.

“There will be a review of gritting priorities in Ludlow early in the New Year. But this will not change the reality that Shropshire Council doesn’t have enough resources to clear every road and path in this huge county.

“We need to think about we work together as a community. I think it is time to look at a neighbourhood snow warden scheme.

“Nearly five years ago, I called for a snow warden scheme for Shropshire. The idea is that volunteers are given training, equipment, a supply of salt and insurance to clear stretches of their local pavements.

“People need to be fit enough to do this. But when the snow is fresh, this is not a great effort.”

He said that when the idea was suggested in 2013 it was rejected as being impractical.

“I hope that there might be a better reception of the proposal now,” added Mr Boddington, who wants a local scheme.