A CAMPAIGN is being launched to help put a stop to wrong doing in the town.

Traders will be asked to play an important part in reducing the amount of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Ludlow Chamber of Commerce welcomes support from the local Police Safer Neighbourhood team to help support local shops combat shoplifting and burglary.

This official launch of a Ludlow Shop watch scheme coincides with the start of the New Year.

The local PC Beth Hinton has created a ‘Whats App’ Shop Watch groups which shops are invited to join so they get real time notification of any wrong doing in town.

Business owners who are members of the Ludlow Chamber of Commerce are championing the initiative amongst fellow traders.

Jodie Macauley from Eclectica has designed a window sticker that will help raise awareness of the scheme and work as a deterrent, these will be available to all businesses that are members of Ludlow Chamber of Commerce.

Ludlow has many small traders that only have a few people working in a shop and at times people can be left on their own.

This can leave shops very vulnerable to shop lifters and other criminals. Shops can be especially vulnerable when large groups of people come in at the same time when it is difficult not to become distracted. By working together traders can alert each other to any suspicious activity.

Unlike larger businesses and national chains most independent traders cannot afford expensive security measures such as CCTV cameras or security staff keeping watch.

For any businesses interested in joining the scheme please email Beth Hinton Bethany.hinton@westmercia.pnn.police.uk