On Saturday 14 October at 7.30pm, Music in New Radnor will start their new season of music with a concert by Absolute Zero Viola Quartet.

Mary Tolhurst, speaking for MiNR says ‘ Absolute Zero visited us a few years ago and we were so impressed with them, we vowed to invite then back again. Their arrangements give audiences a unique opportunity to hear the full dynamic sensitivity of this sometimes overlooked instrument."

Although mainly played ‘inside’ an orchestral score, the viola has an astonishing breadth of expressive qualities from its surprisingly sweet upper range to the familiar dark, rich lower tones. It has been said that a conventional string quartet is like a partnership, where each player has to know his or her role, and the instruments must complement each other. A viola quartet is more like a group of siblings, bonding like a family.

Since forming in 1995, Absolute Zero Viola Quartet has evolved into a collective of professional players who teach, perform freelance and play in a variety of orchestras.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start. Tickets are £10 in advance from 01544 231732, or on the door.