SEPTEMBER 8, Store Cattle - 339

A super yard of cattle met with a wonderful trade. As harvest comes to an end feeders were out. No where near enough cattle for the level of demand.

Feeding bulls: A bit of an in between time on the feeding bulls with numbers short. For the next sale bulls will be wanted in numbers. This week they topped at £1045.00 or 244.0p/kg to an average of £750.00 or 200.0p/kg.

Feeding heifers: A good show of heifers with strong line bred sorts most saleable. Many more needed for the next sale. Heifers topped at £1150.00 or 258.0p/kg to an average of £915.00 or 210.0p/kg.

Feeding steers: As with the heifers a good yard of feeding sorts. Top price was £1200.00 or 294.0p/kg to average £932.00 or 210198.0p/kg.

Any further details please contact Michael Thomas at Ludlow on (01584) 872251 work or 07890 898239 mobile or Nick Baxter on (01905) 769770 work or 07934 617501 mobile.

Prices were as follows:

British Blue cross Steers to £1185, £1180, £1165, £1130, £1125, £1110, £1105, £1100, £1095, £1090, £1085, £1080, £1055, £1050, £1045, £1040, £1015, £995, £975, £970, £950, £925, £920, £895, £885, £880, £795, £750, £680 (Top 284.0p/kg average 231.7p/kg).

British Blue cross Heifers to £1150, £1030, £1025, £1015, £1000, £990, £975, £970, £960, £955, £945, £940, £910, £905, £885, £880, £810, £715, £700, £505, £500, £400 (Top 256.0p/kg average 213.2p/kg).

Limousin cross Steers to £1165, £1135, £1115, £1110, £1030, £1000, £950, £930, £925, £915, £905, £850, £830, £805, £785, £780, £775, £710, £700, £680, £650, £550, £545, £510 (Top 294.0p/kg average 211.4p/kg).

Limousin cross Heifers to £1125, £1120, £1100, £1070, £1045, £1025, £980, £950, £945, £935, £920, £900, £890, £860, £830, £820, £770, £745, £710, £690, £685, £625, £620, £460 (Top 250.0p/kg average 206.0p/kg).

Charolais cross Steers to £1200, £1175, £1115 (Top 224.0p/kg average 217.1p/kg).

Charolais cross Heifers to £1125, £1120, £1090, £1080, £1075, £1070, £1065, £1050, £1025, £1020, £1010, £990, £950, £925 (Top 237.0p/kg average 224.5p/kg).

Blonde D'Aquitaine Steers to £925, £830 (Top 223.0p/kg average 222.1p/kg).

Blonde D'Aquitaine Heifers to £1070, £1025, £935, £855, £830 (Top 258.0p/kg average 234.5p/kg).

Aberdeen Angus cross Steers to £995 (To 226.0p/kg.

Hereford cross Steers to £965, £955, £915, £900, £890, £885, £870, £850, £845, £790, £765, £610 (Top 203.0p/kg average 186.4p/kg).

Hereford cross Heifers to £980, £905, £625, £490 (Top 195.0p/kg average 169.7p/kg).

Holstein Friesian Steers to £900, £850, £790, £680, £600 (Top 173.0p/kg average 140.5p/kg).

Holstein Friesian Heifers to £980, £815, £780, £750, £705 (Top 206.0p/kg average 182.8p/kg).

Meuse Rhine Issel Steers to £1120 (To: 190.0p/kg).

Simmental Heifers to £1085, £975, £940 (Top: 207.0p/kg average 203.4p/kg).

Bull prices were as follows:

Limousin cross Bulls to £1045, £1010, £860 (Top 232.0p/kg average 197.6p/kg).

British Blue cross Bulls to £995, £900, £745, £680 (Top 243.0p/kg average 216.3p/kg).

Stabiliser cross Bulls to £420 (To 156.0p/kg average 148.7p/kg).

Saler cross Bulls to £635, £600 (Top 244.0p/kg average 233.5p/kg).

Hereford cross Bulls to £815, £670, £495 (Top 181.0p/kg average 156.5p/kg).

Simmental cross Bulls to £940, £920, £900, £840 (Top: 219.0p/kg average 196.2p/kg).

Store sheep - 5,055: A good entry of lambs found a competitive trade for what was on offer. Strength and shape in very short supply never the less better lambs sold to £72.00 and averaged £55.33. The majority of lambs on show would have been longer keep types and following last years difficult hogget trade buyers were more price conscious. Those lambs that are just a little too plain to sell in the fat found a very strong trade indeed. A few ewe lambs forward and these sold well to £80. Please ensure you mark your ram lambs before sale as those found in bunches of mixed lambs will be penalised. The same goes for stiff jointed lambs.

The breeding ewe sale attracted a good crowd of buyers and a nice firm trade with prices comparable to previous sales. The annual sale of Clun Forest ewes attracted buyers from a wide area and strong competition. Some pick Clun Forest ewes peaked at £305.00. The champion pen made £187.00. Runs of the best Clun ewes made between £150.00 and £170.00. As regards commercial ewes these were a good trade. Buyers in general satisfied with the level of return. A lot of North Country mules on offer. These in general sold between £130.00 and £145.00. Not so many Suffolk cross ewes in this sale, these were between £130.00 and £135.00 in general. Continental cross ewes sold between £130.00 and £145.00 with an odd pen at £150.00.

The prize winners in the show classes were:

Clun Classes:

Champion- IT Davies and Son, Dan-yr-Eglwys, Garthbrengy, Brecon.

Res Champion- RandC Price, Trewyrlod, Painscastle, Powys.

Champion Group - LE Lloyd and Sons, Sarnesfield, Weobley.

Best Aged Ram - K Newey, 1 Tyn-y-Maen Cottages, Llandinam.

Commercial Classes:

Best Pen of Welsh Mule Ewes: 1st - Mr T Badger, Yew Tree Farm, Worcester. 2nd - Mr R J Rogers, Meadow Farm, Stanford Bishop. 3rd - Messrs B.M and J Hughes.

Best pen of North Country Mule Ewes: 1st - Mr S C Jones, Woundale Farm, Bridgnorth. 2nd - Mr T Badger, Yew Tree Farm, Worcester. 3rd - Messr RA and EJ Davies, Bowhill Farm, Romsley.

Best Pen of Continental cross Ewes: 1st - R J Amphlett, The Laurels. 2nd - Messr VP and DE Jones, White House, Llandrindod Wells. 3rd - Mr S C Jones, Woundale Farm, Bridgnorth.

The trade on the ewe lambs was good. Pedigree Clun ewe lambs sold up to £166.00. Some Clun mule lams made £120.00. All of the ewe lambs, of whatever type averaged £94.65. More could have been sold to advantage.

The Clun rams met a selective trade. The champion ram was exhibited by I.T Davies and Sons, Dan-yr-Eglyws. This made £766.00. A run of yearling ewes from Messrs Lloyd of Sarnsfield topped the sale reaching £672.00 and averaging £465.00. Clun ram lambs sold up to £199.00 with stock rams £200.00 (x 2).

September 11

Finished cattle - 290: Another very strong trade with plenty of buyers in attendance. All sorts in great demand again. Many more needed.

Prices were as follows:

Medium steers: Best quality to 223.5p average 218.2p; Standard quality to 204.5p average 196.5p; Also rans to 185.0p; Overall average 196.8p.

Heavy steers: Best quality to 232.5p average 216.3p; Standard quality to 203.0p average 196.5p; Also rans to 187.5p; Overall average 199.0p.

Medium heifers: Best quality to 219.0p average 210.2p; Standard quality to 196.5p average 192.4p; Also rans to 178.0p; Overall average 194.6p.

Heavy heifers: Best quality to 237.5p average 218.8p; Standard quality to 202.5p average 193.2p; Also rans to 184.5p; Overall average 200.0p.

Light bulls: To 194.5p average 156.1p.

Medium bulls: To 228.5p average 187.4p.

Heavy bulls: To 229.0p average 197.5p.

Barren cows and old bulls - 63: A very very strong trade again and more needed.

Prices were as follows:

Grade 1 Cows to 178.5p average 154.2p.

Grade 2 Cows to 140.5p average 136.3p.

Grade 3 Cows to 133.5p average 128.2p.

Grade 4 Cows to 120.0p average 115.7p.

Old Bulls to 123.0p average 118.2p.

Overall Average 135.3p.

Finished sheep - 3,170: A trade which reflects the fact that we are at the end of a Muslim holiday period. This applies both on the continent and at home. Still a good level of demand for the well finished lambs. Meat is at a marked premium. Heavy lambs are therefore making as much as lighter ones.

Standard Lambs to 184.5p average 170.8p.

Medium Lambs to 211.0p average 178.6p.

Heavy Lambs to 199.0p average 179.5p.

Overweight Lambs to 177.0p average 170.0p.

Export quality lambs sold up to 211.0p per kilo and averaged 184.5p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 179.5p per kilo and averaged 173.5p per kilo.

Cull ewes: A show of mostly plain sheep which are difficult to trade at the moment. Strength and meat in short supply. Stronger ewes sold to £105.00 and averaged £54.54. Rams sold to £110.00 and averaged £84.22.