WITH a former Wales rugby international among its workforce, Kiwi Kit’s dedication to the game is undisputed but the Ludlow-based agricultural supply company has taken that obsession to new heights by commissioning a calf-feeder in the colours of the British and Irish Lions.

Emblazoned in red, the 50-teat Stallion open trough trail feeder mirrors the Lions’ famous jersey and is now being offered for sale to a farmer who shares Kiwi Kit’s passion for the game.

The company’s founder and director, Welsh dairy farmer, Kim Petty, and two of his staff, 34-times capped John Davies and Justin Rees, are currently in New Zealand with legions of other Lions fans.

Although Kiwi Kit imports much of its agricultural, equine and leisure products from New Zealand, its loyalty on this tour lies firmly with the British Lions as the squad takes on the might of the All Blacks.

Kim, who is an avid Lions fan, said the colourful feeder sent a clear message to the squad that the company was right behind it.

John, who has worked for Kiwi Kit since retiring from professional rugby and also rears beef calves on his farm in Pembrokeshire, is scrutinising each game with the benefit of an insider’s knowledge.

The Stallion MG50LT feeder, which has capacity to hold 1,000 litres of milk, is a popular product with Kiwi Kit’s customers on grass-based systems.