LUDLOW Fringe,which brings in thousands of people to the town over a 16-day period, has finally found a home; it’s now based at Harvest House in Portcullis Lane, Ludlow and is open for business.

The move was brought about through discussions with Shropshire Council’s Community Enablement Team along with Shropshire Housing Group and The Foyer.

The festival’s main organisers, managing director Anita Bigsby and marketing director, Samantha Cole say they are “are over the moon” at the move.

"It’s great to finally have a proper base," added Anita. "Up until now we’ve always joked that it’s the ‘kitchen table Fringe’ as most of the organising has taken place at our houses, around our kitchen tables which makes it difficult to engage with volunteers easily.

“This year we’re bringing a packed programme of events and activities to the town, so we’ll really need as much support as we can get, having a base right in the centre of town will make that much more achievable.”

Ludlow Fringe will open its doors on the evening of May 25 to host a Volunteers and Supporters Evening.

“It’s a very exciting time for the Fringe, our reputation as a top-quality festival is growing year-on-year, especially since our involvement with The World Fringe Network," said Samantha.

"In fact, at last year’s World Fringe Congress in Toronto we were voted the ‘Most Fringiest Fringe’ and are regularly picked as one of the top ten UK Fringes, so there’s plenty of opportunities for people looking to improve their CVs or get their feet on the ladder of events management to get some valuable and interesting work experience with us.”

There are plenty of areas that people can help with - technical support, finding reviewers, co-ordinating teams of volunteers, stewarding, engaging with school and young people as well as everything to do with marketing and publicity, including social media, e-newsletters, writing press releases, distribution and poster design.

The evening starts at 7.30 at Harvest House (next to the Marston Mill building) in Portcullis Lane, Ludlow.