A YOUNG woman drove up to the entrance of the SAS camp with two men clinging to her car bonnet, a court heard.

Sophie Probert, 20, was spotted on Ministry of Defence CCTV cameras driving her financed black 1 Series BMW.

Hereford Magistrates Court heard that two men then got out of the car right outside the heavily-guarded gates to the Credenhill camp and lay on the bonnet.

Probert, of Temple Meadow, Little Hereford, near Ludlow, then reversed the wrong way out of the SAS entrance lane with the men clinging to the car.

Adrian Jones, mitigating, said Probert, who admitted dangerous driving, approached the camp at 6.45pm on May 8.

"The passengers got out and lay on the bonnet," said Mr Jones.

"She then reversed through a no-entry sign as it was a one-way system."

An SAS soldier who was out running in the area at the time saw the vehicle driving at speed and one of the male passengers stuck his middle finger up at him before he verbally abused the soldier.

"Probert was shown the CCTV and said that she didn't remember the incident but admitted that it was her vehicle and it was her," added Mr Jones.

"The defendant said she didn't know the area well and didn't see the no-entry sign. The two lads had asked her to pick them up and take them places."

Emily Gourley, mitigating, said that Probert knew it was a 'very silly and dangerous act'.

"She was a newly qualified driver and was taking the two boys to see a friend," said Ms Gourley.

"They wouldn't get off the bonnet so she moved forward but they didn't move. Thankfully and importantly nobody was hurt.

“There was no risk to other people other than the two guys who seem to be messing about."

The court heard that Probert had since lost her licence for letting somebody uninsured drive her car.

Natalie Johnson-Stanley, probation, said that since Probert passed her driving test she had received constant harassment from people wanting lifts.

"On this day she just had enough," said Ms Johnson-Stanley.

"They wanted a lift home and she refused so they decided to get on the bonnet of her vehicle. She accepts what she did was wrong.

"Her car has since been returned to the finance company."

Magistrates ordered Probert to complete a six months community order with 10 rehabilitation activity days.

She was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and told she must pass an extended re-test.

Probert was told to pay a £40 fine, £185 costs and a £85 victim surcharge.