CAMPAIGNERS to keep Church Stretton library in the town centre are claiming local support.

The Church Stretton Library Support Group Ltd says it is delighted that the results from a community survey about the swimming pool, leisure centre and library produced an 84 per cent response in support of keeping the library where it is with just seven per cent in favour moving it to the school.

Of the 2,700 households eligible to participate in the survey, only 47 did not want to keep the library where it is and 80 per cent of those who responded to the survey voted to increase the precept to keep the library where it is

The campaigners claim that the residents of Church Stretton have given a very clear message to the town council and Shropshire Council.

“We were overwhelmed with the strength of support within Church Stretton for keeping our beautiful historic library in the centre of town,” said Felicity Thomas of the Church Stretton Library Support Group.

“Church Stretton has a wonderful strength of community feeling.

“Having established its amazing Mayfair Centre in the past, the town has now clearly shown that it wants to keep both its central library and its swimming pool. We look forward to working with the town council to keep our vitally important public services."