I AM writing to you about my beautiful son Joseph, he is autistic and goes to Barrs Court School in Hereford, we have been very lucky because Joseph has been in special education since he was four years old but now he is 16 years old things have changed.

Herefordshire Council now want to charge me £750 a year for his transport because they say now he is 16 it will no longer be free. I do not understand this decision, people that sit in their offices in Herefordshire Council making decisions about people they have never met and have no intention of meeting thinking we have lots and lots of money to be able to afford this. I am very cross about this and thought that I would write a letter so maybe you could interview somebody from Herefordshire Council so they can give you a reason why they suddenly want to start charging. I feel that I am being penalised for living in a rural area and I will not be the only family that will be affected by this as Barrs Court Schools is the only special needs school in Herefordshire.


Ross On Wye