Our Government and, by that I mean the duopoly of Messrs Cameron and Osborne, would have us all believe that the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are thundering towards the UK as we speak, intent on wreaking havoc on our poor, indefensible little island should we dare to offend our political masters in Berlin, sorry Brussels, by daring to relieve ourselves of the burden of the corrupt, unelected members of the self-serving European gravy train.

Forget about Mr Cameron's assertions that, as a result of his negotiations with our European partners, we are now part of a reformed Europe. Very few, not even including several of his own cabinet ministers buy into that preposterous fairy tale. The more he and George Osborne peddle their ludicrous prophesies of doom through taxpayer-funded propaganda the more the British public sense the panic in the ranks of the Remain Campaign.

It has been obvious for some time that the real business of govenment in the UK has been put on hold in order for Cameron, Osborne and Sir Cover-Up to concentrate overwhelming Government resourses into campaigning to remain within the EU at any price. In this, they have underestimated the genuine concerns of Tory ministers, politicians, local activists and, I believe, the majority of the Great British public. What is regarded as plausible within the Westminster bubble does not necessarily sit comfortably with the electorate. Like many of my peers, I would have thrown my hat into the ring to remain within a reformed EU but not on the risible terms David Cameron has been trumpeting.

The choice before the British people on 23 June comes down to this. Vote remain and allow ourselves to be governed by a German-dominated and corrupt European government of unelected bureaucrats and continue to leave our borders open to all and sundry. The alternative is to take control of our own destiny and focus all our energies on expanding and creating trade deals wih existing and emerging economies all over the world. In addition, we will have the power to restore controlled immigration to our country.

Finally, let us all remind ourselves that the UK did not create the world's greatest empire in the history of mankind without a certain resoursefulness and ingenuity. Better to go it alone and trust what makes Britain Great than to be shackled to the moribund carcase that is the EU.


Don Woodhams

Tenbury Wells