I have great respect for Philip Dunne ( View from Westminster, Advertiser, May 19 ) but , saying " the choice is between economic security and global influence as part of the EU or prolonged uncertainty " smacks of the Project Fear campaign and does not look at the bigger picture.

The issue of sovereignty is important. It goes to the heart of who governs us. At the moment it is the unelected and unaccountable European Commission, presided over by a former mayor of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Junker.

On May 6, Mr. J was reported as saying " Prime ministers should stop listening so much to their voters and instead act as full time Europeans."

On May 21 he was reported as saying " The British people will be treated as deserters following a vote to leave and will be treated as a third country "

These remarks are, at the very least, an affront to democracy but there has not been a squeak of protest from the Remainers.

Foreign policy is important. The EU is leading us into a dangerous confrontation with Russia over Ukraine and the Baltic states because it takes no account of the significant Russian minorities in those countries and Russia's own strategic interests as a world power.

Future events are important. The EU needs the UK's money and what is coming down the EU pipeline after 23rd June is worrying, to say the least.

The Greek crisis will erupt, having been spun out till after the vote.

The EU summit has been pushed back a week so there will be no discussions on immigration or invitations to the Balkan countries to join the EU until after the vote.

Angela Merkel's deal with Turkey over refugees/migrants could unravel at any time and it's terms are causing concern throughout the EU.

As to " a reformed EU, " the terms which the Prime Minister claims to have negotiated will ( in the event of a remain vote) have to be voted on in the European Parliament and its President, Martin Schulz, has said there is no guarantee that the MEPs will vote in favour

Voting to remain is anything but a vote for certainty or economic security.

I leave the last word to eight German lawyers in a letter to one of our national newspapers published on May 15.

" Most reform minded Germans hope Britain stays in the EU. But EU reform is a losing battle and many of us envy the British for having this debate and this referendum. And the chance to disembark from an EU project whose integration threatens to undermine , rather than uphold, the liberty and prosperity of our continent."

Roger Taylor

Friars Garden