Recent letters to the Tenbury Advertiser would give the impression that almost all of Tenbury residents oppose the building of a Tesco store in the town. Perhaps it is time to introduce a little balance to this point of view.

As a driver for the local community transport charity, I hear many varied opinions about the town and its future. As a result I can report that there is a significant number of residents who support the idea of a medium sized supermarket coming to the town, be it Tesco or another. Mostly their arguments centre on a widening of choice and a more buoyant future for Tenbury. Not everyone can, or wants to, travel to Leominster, Ludlow or beyond for their shopping needs.

I am not stating a personal view one way or the other, but merely wish to point out that there are two sides to the dialogue, even though one might be more vociferous than the other!

Yours faithfully

John Driver


Tenbury Wells