STORE cattle - 90: An entry with some very good cattle in it and a good trade. Prices would be as dear as the ordinary sale. A lot of good strong cattle on offer and the men who came to the sale came to do business. Prices were as follows:-

Charolais Steers to £1165, £1100, £1095, £1090, £995, £800, £650, £625, (top 198.0p/kg average 184.5p/kg).

Charolais Heifers to £1050, £885, £750, £680, £645, £580 (top 204.0p/kg average 178.2p/kg).

Simmental Steers to £1100, £1080 (top 193.0p/kg average 191.0p/kg).

Simmental Heifers to £895, £845, £765, £630 (top 174.0p/kg average 172.0p/kg).

Limousin Steers to £1140, £1130, £1090, £1080, £880, £785, £770 (top 200.0p/kg average 186.0p/kg).

Limousin Heifers to £785, £770, £755 (top 176.0p/kg average 175.0p/kg).

British Blue Steers to £645 (184.0p/kg).

British Blue Heifers to £950, £740, £610, £425 (top 185.0p/kg average 172.0p/kg).

Aberdeen Angus Steers to £745 (166.0p/kg).

Hereford Heifers to £805 (140.0p/kg).

March 21

Finished cattle - 310: Some nice cattle in the Easter show and sale and a very good trade on the best heifers. Several of these made over 250.0p/kg live weight to top at 255.5p/kg. The prize winners in the show classes were:-

Best Steer:- 1st Messrs Phillips, Bockleton, 2nd Bemand Brothers, Drum Farm, 3rd Messrs Rockhill Farms.

Best Heifer:- 1st Messrs Phillips, Bockleton, 2nd C W Roberts and Son, Earls Ditton Farm, 3rd D J Morgan, New House.

Winner of the championship:- Messrs Phillips, Bockleton.

Best Bull:- 1st J R Blandford, Netherton, 2nd H Salwey and Co., Green Farm, 3rd PP and MJ Owens, Step-a-side Farm.

Prices were as follows:-

Medium steers: Best quality to 209.5p average 208.5p; Standard quality to 178.0p average 175.0p; Also rans to 159.5p; Overall average 173.7p.

Heavy steers: Best quality to 207.0p average 190.0p; Standard quality to 184.5p average 177.2p; Also rans to 169.5p; Overall average 180.4p.

Medium heifers: Best quality to 244.5p average 210.7p; Standard quality to 174.5p average 172.5p; Also rans to 159.5p; Overall average 170.7p

Heavy heifers: Best quality to 255.5p average 214.6p; Standard quality to 183.0p average 177.0p; Also rans to 169.5p; Overall average 180.1p.

Light bulls to 194.5p average 158.5p.

Medium bulls to 189.5p average 170.4p.

Heavy bulls to 204.5p average 177.2p.

Barren cows and old bulls - 58: A stronger trade. Some nice cows on offer. Genuine barreners up to 138.5p/kg.

Prize winners in the show class were:- Best Barren Cow:- 1st TI and GM Edmunds and Son, Maesybryn Farm, 2nd VE and BM Samuel and Son, Upper Monkton Farm, 3rd F W Jones and Sons, Highfield Farm.

Prices were as follows:-

Grade 1 Cows to 138.50p average 132.50p.

Grade 2 Cows to 127.00p average 122.50p.

Grade 3 Cows to 119.50p average 108.60p.

Grade 4 Cows to 97.50p average 70.50p.

Cull Bulls to 129.50p average 125.75p.

Overall average 98.67p.

Finished sheep - 4,694: An excellent hogget trade. A very good entry. Plenty of competition. The first showing of spring lambs in numbers met keen competition also. Prize winners in the show classes for the spring lambs were:- 1st C R Amplett, The Laurels, 2nd C R Amphlett, The Laurels, 3rd Earl of Plymouth Estates.

Prices were as follows:-

Light Lambs to 215.0p average 209.9p.

Standard Lambs to 331.0p average 232.6p.

Medium Lambs to 290.0p average 273.0p.

The majority of the lambs by a long way were indoor lambs.

Export quality lambs sold up to 331.0p per kilo and averaged 286.8p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 234.0p per kilo and averaged 216.4p per kilo.

Light Hoggets to 178.0p average 178.0p.

Standard Hoggets to 230.0p average 191.4p.

Medium Hoggets to 240.0p average 195.6p.

Heavy Hoggets to 248.0p average 188.0p.

Overweight Hoggets to 185.5p average 174.7p.

Export quality hoggets sold up to 248.0p per kilo and averaged 208.0p per kilo and home trade hoggets sold up to 194.5p per kilo and averaged 189.0p per kilo.

Cull Ewes: A nice entry in terms of numbers with less quality about. All ewes very well competed for with stronger lean Texel x ewes selling to £120.00 producing an overall average of £67.90. With a large number of small plain ewes forwards. If you have ewes to sell please sell them whilst demand is as good as it is.

Prize winners were:- 1st W H Sinnett and Son, Stockton Court, 2nd W H Sinnett and Son, Stockton Court, 3rd C J Davies and Sons, Amblecote.