ALAN Laurie claims in the Advertiser (Letters, March 3) that the views of those who wish to leave the EU are based on ignorance, prejudice and self interest. Most would say that their views are based on plain common sense.  
While Britain remains in the 28-state bloc, EU laws will always take precedence which means we have sacrificed our sovereignty. Millions of voters are sick of the fact that 60% of UK laws are made in, or derive from, the EU.   
It makes no sense that laws which govern citizens in OUR country are decided by politicians from other nations, who we’ve never elected and we can’t throw out.  
We’re unable to choose who makes critical decisions that affect all our lives. It’s patently clear that the Brussels machine has set a course to obliterate national boundaries, eradicate national sovereignty and create a single government.
It’s interesting that Mr Laurie failed to mention ‘immigration’, which is of prime concern for most people. Everyone knows that the numbers will never be reduced while we’re a member of the EU.   
In spite of Cameron’s pledges, 330,000 arrived from March 2014 to March 2015 – an increase of 28%. Heaven help our services and housing if we vote to stay in.
Boraston Drive