FURTHER to your article suggesting Ludford Bridge could be out of action until after Easter, residents in Lower Broad Street suspect that the delay will be far longer thanks to English Heritage.
We have been told by engineers, Mouchel, that no moves can be made until English Heritage have inspected the bridge.
The accident happened on February 21. So far the only thing that has happened on site is an army of cones have been placed. It took almost two weeks before the traffic lights, which no longer control anything, were turned off and signs put up.
In our view, plenty of preparatory work could have been done. The stones could have been recovered from the river, scaffolding erected, etc. So that once the go-ahead is finally given there is no delay.
This is the third time in a short period that a town dependent in large part on tourism has had a major bridge closure forced upon it. I seem to recall that English Heritage became involved in the saga of the collapsing town walls. We are still waiting for them to be re-erected.  
English Heritage could be helpful by examining why the lorry hit the bridge in the first place. The residents can tell their experts. It's because several years ago for aesthetic reasons, the sign warning of a low archway in Lower Broad St was moved to the far side of the bridge and another warning sign put up only yards from the arch.
Lorry drivers who slavishly follow their sat navs turn into Lower Broad St, without apparently seeing the present signage and then face a long reverse out in the face of oncoming traffic and often in the dark. 
That’s why Ludlow’s heritage is being damaged, because a big clear sign would not be aesthetically pleasing.
English Heritage and local councillors please take note.
Andy Wright
Lower Broad St Residents Association