FARMERS in Ludlow and south Shropshire risk being walked all over.

Helen Gough, an associate at Ludlow law firm mfg, says many farmers could see a public right of way imposed in their land unless they take steps to prevent this.

Farmers can lodge what is known as a Notice under section 31 of the Highways Act 1980.

“Section 31 is a simple but vital method available to a landowner who wants to protect their property from becoming subject to a public right of way - but it is still surprising that many fail to ensure they are giving their land the protection it needs,” Helen Gough said.

“Notices lodged after 1 October 2013 protect land for 20 years, however those lodged prior to that are still subject to the ‘10-year renewal process.

“Although Section 31 will prevent new rights of way being created, it will not remove existing ones or eradicate those which may have already been established by past use.

“People have to be left in no uncertainty that land is privately owned property with signs clearly stating that there is to be no unauthorised access,” Helen Gough added.