IT is depressing that so much of the effort to persuade a NO vote in the forthcoming EU referendum rests on pure self interest and appeals to ignorance and prejudice.  
Murdoch's insidious drip of false and slanted information over many years has reaped a reward in the ill-thought views of many people.  
Who is going to find the words and arguments to get a hearing for a different, wider picture?
The great post-war EU venture to make another war impossible and grow collaboration among the nations inheriting the history and great culture Europe shares has achievements far more important than the selfish 'we want ' bother to recognise.
After the horrors of 1939-45 and Nazism and the Holocaust, who could have foreseen that Germany would became Europe's recognised first nation and Angela Merkel its admired leader, facing challenges far beyond self-interest.?  
Who would have guessed the Eastern nations would leave Soviet rule and move towards democracy as EU members? 
We need to recover the spirit that helped save Europe in 1940 and play our part in coping with climate change, migration and terror, not cut adrift into an unknown and less powerful position in the world. Cooperation not separation is the key to successful human endeavour.
Following a NO vote, I fear a Tory government moving further right on welfare, education, human rights and green policies led by Boris Johnson with a cabinet of those deserting David Cameron.
It is a rotten prospect.  
Old Street