THE article 'Row over ShropDoc' in The Advertiser on February 18 failed to mention that the 111 service the CCG is praising, caused a lot of problems in 2012, when it became necessary for ShropDoc to take back responsibility for running the service.
I am wondering why it has felt necessary to replace this excellent out-of-hours service again.
Is it because of the rural nature of Shropshire and its resulting small and dispersed population of 500,000 does not make it suitable for privatisation?
Is it that such an area would be of limited interest to large private health care organisations such as Circle Virgin or C4 who would be much more interested in operating in a larger catchment such as the West Midlands area with a population of five million.
Joyce Brand is right. This decision is more about planning for the future privatisation of our entire NHS than excellence of care.
Sandpits Road