I READ in the Tenbury Wells Advertiser (Arresting the decline of firefighter numbers, February 18), PSCOs are to help bridge the gap fighting fires in and around Tenbury.

In the early 1980s I served as a Special Constable for a period of five years.

The only reason I resigned from the police force was because I applied to become a retained firefighter in my community in Tenbury. At the time, West Mercia Constabulary was not comfortable with the fact I was part of two emergency services and it was determined I could only serve one service as a conflict was considered unacceptable. I went on to serve as a firefighter for 11 years in Tenbury!

In Tenbury, recently, I was talking to a young resident who is a newly recruited and qualified special constable who I am sure given his age, fitness and intelligence would also double up as a firefighter -so perhaps special constables could also be included in the big picture.

Locally, we hear Tenbury fire station will doubles up as a police station and now PCSOs will deal with fire-related emergencies.

It really is refreshing that ‘thinking outside the box’ and joining and sharing our emergency services’ ideas not only maximises our various emergency personnel skills, but also its resources and cost implications.

Whilst recently sitting outside a cafe in Paris, I unfortunately observed a coronary incident. Within minutes the fire service arrived in a small, mobile fire appliance and administered medical attention to the patient; it also works in other associated services in other countries.

In May, we have the opportunity to vote for our new police and crime commissioner. I, for one, will be asking their views and plans for sharing resources. Surely, it all makes sense.

Cliff Slade

Tenbury Wells