WHAT planet is Philip Dunne on? 
The local food bank’s analysis (Advertiser Jan 28) informed us there is a growing number of working poor in our area and that more than 200 local children were helped with parcels, where dependency tends to increase during schools holidays. 
What numbers would be needed if schools weren’t preventing our children’s starvation? Are we shocked, appalled or embarrassed in comfortable Tory South Shropshire heartland? 
Phillip Dunne isn’t. He’s delighted the number of parcels provided is dropping, proof of the Tories’ "long term economic scam", a mantra he and Tenbury MP Harriett Baldwin enjoy chanting. At least Dunne now acknowledges its existence. For the food bank's first two years of rapid growth he was in complete Tory-line denial or ignorance that we had one. 
Thank God for the Churches Together movement (no pun intended).

Our health service is in crisis (local CCG virtually bankrupt and under special measures), as are our public services. It was announced at the recent CCG meeting that a local crisis centre is about to close, cutting in half the number of beds in Shropshire available to some of our most vulnerable. Previously run by the council it was dropped as part of their harsh budget cuts but saved by a charity two years ago. 
What good news can Mr Dunne spin from this?  
Dunne has done nothing to support such a noble and supportive local resource. He did visit the centre once... To enquire if he could install a Tory banner at the time of the last election as he felt it was in a nice setting.
I am sure Mr Dunne is a decent fella, after all he was one of a tiny minority of multi-millionaire Tories that didn't have their "snout" in the expenses trough. But please spare us your patronising "we're all in it together" and "economic sense" nonsense when it's plainly obvious that those at the top are enjoying privatisation giveaways, big bonuses, tax loopholes and cuts while those at the bottom are desperate, starving and taking their own lives... and our public services, including the NHS, are dying.
PS Mr Dunne, don't blame previous governments, over-spending (Tories supported until 2008) or rant on about losing the Falklands if we elect Corbyn etc etc. Stop toeing a ridiculous party line, open your eyes and ears, and for God's sake help those that need it most! Take a lead from the Church rather than the Bullingdon Bullies.