AS the desperate need for a traffic-island at Woofferton junction is once more kicked into the long grass I can report that our mini-island at Burford is soon to be enhanced by yet more tinkering at the edges.
From information received today,  January 21, another onslaught is imminent on this totally useless ornament which is now ignored by almost every motorist on the A456.
Even those physically involved in its construction, and ‘modifications’ to date, are at a loss to see what purpose it serves when they observe the speed at which traffic continues to cross it. Familiarity has certainly bred contempt for the targeted speed limit reduction we were promised.
Safe emergence from Foresters Road still offers odds similar to the National Lottery so is avoided by many local drivers, and money spent on additional signage, being installed to prevent HGVs using the Westbury Estate and Stanbrook Road, is totally unnecessary as no one has yet seen any such vehicles do so!
So on we go into 2016 with major problems such as Woofferton junction being potentially made worse by the refusal to install  a traffic island, while here at Burford we have one, surplus to requirements, which was foisted upon us. 
Mind how you go, especially round our ‘island’!
Worcester Road,