SHROPSHIRE’S NHS has a jewel in the crown. It’s called ShropDoc.
If we’re ill when the GP surgery is closed, we don’t have to ring an anonymous helpline, and wade through a computer-driven questionnaire with a call centre staff member. 
That’s the nonsense that people in most areas have to put up with. 
We have a much, much better service than that. We get to talk to a local GP, who knows the area, knows what services are available – and who often knows us personally, because ShropDoc is a local GP cooperative.
However, it’s all set to change. NHS bosses in Shropshire plan to end ShropDoc’s contract and put the service out to tender as part of a vast West Midlands project, bundled in with the discredited NHS 111 call line. In a very short public engagement period, We’re allowed to give them our views right up to Friday, January 22. Email the consultation coordinator to let them know we need to keep the very good service we’ve got: .
Gill George
Chair, Shropshire Defend Our NHS