MICHAEL Green (Ludlow Advertiser website, November 21) seeks to persuade your readers that Operation Christmas Child is run by an organisation that is homophobic, anti-abortion, and Islamophobic – and even, by association, that it must have some similarities with the jihadist group Islamic State (IS). That it is run by a fundamentalist evangelical body (whose thinking and theology is a million miles away from mine) is beyond doubt but I can find no evidence on its website to support the allegations made by Mr Green – unless he characterises the perfectly legitimate expression of an opinion as 'phobia' just because he doesn't happen to agree with it.
Still, Mr Green helpfully, but rather naively, suggests three alternative charities without for a moment seeming to realise that the whole charity sector seems to be dogged by difficulty. Just Google the names of the alternative charities he suggests followed by the word 'scandal'.
The Oaklands 
Tenbury Wells