IN response to Malcolm Rochefort’s letter, in the Advertiser’s November 19 issue, I too, am disappointed – to read such a letter in our local press.
Far from a ‘hijack’, Remembrance Sunday has always been led by the Church of England, throughout our country, and was admirably marked, as always, by St Laurence’s.
There is always opportunity for anyone to lay wreaths at the Castle Street memorial after the service, as a small service is conducted there also.
It is unfortunate that Remembrance Sunday is still confused with Armistice Day, at which, on the 11th of the 11th, at 11am, the nation, of whatever faith or belief, remembers the time the guns fell silent as the armistice was signed, signifying the end of the First World War.
Nobody has a ‘monopoly on grief and remembrance’, rather a duty to remember the sacrifices made. In whichever way we feel comfortable. Thank you St Laurence’s, and the organisers of Remembrance Sunday, for such a dignified and well-organised event.
Dahn Drive