SIR Leslie Fielding in his letter published on November 12 suggests that we should value the EU for other than money alone.
Tax payers’ money is important and should be spent wisely.
The European Court of Auditors has found that £4.5 billion is being wasted. It is being given to some countries that can't spend it properly.
I can think of no good reason for being in the EU, as a result we are no longer an independent democratic country. We elect our MPs but they have so little power, David Cameron had to seek permission from the EU to protect our children being exposed to indecent images and is not free to help our steel industry.
We are governed by people we have not voted for apart from a very small number of MEPs.
We belong to a much larger group with our Queen as its head, we are joined throughout the world with 53 countries of the Commonwealth.
The defence of Europe is assured by NATO, of which we are a member.
More of our trade is now with countries outside of the EU. We buy more goods from EU countries than they buy from us.
We need independence.
Oak Bridge Court
Tenbury Wells