ON SEPTEMBER 9 I attended the annual general meeting of the Clinical Commissioning Group held at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital along with about 20 members of the public.

Two long tables each holding 10 board members faced each other with the chairman and accountable officer at the end. The mood was of mutual congratulation; wonderful work had been done and everything including the finances was on track.

I asked Dr Caron Morton (the accountable officer), if the CCG supported Ludlow Hospital and I was assured that it did. Now Dr Morton has disappeared as if in a cloud of smoke and new people have been drafted in because there is a deficit of £10 million. Very surprising.

For 30 years I worked at Ludlow Hospital with a large group of people to provide care and compassion to Ludlovians and people from surrounding villages. I would be very sad if our local hospital closes.

NIGEL HALL Haye Cottage, Overton, Ludlow