REGARDING the ongoing illegal immigration crisis that is now starting to cripple the Eurozone, I was wondering if the Liberal minded bleeding hearts have given one minute’s thought to the security situation that is arising from the this swarm of illegal immigrants pouring into Europe.
It’s all well and good people criticising our government for not taking enough of these illegal immigrants into the United Kingdom, but surely the security of this country must take precedence.
Potentially we already have hundreds of would-be murderers in this country willing to kill and maim, without importing any more.
Be under no illusion this country faces the biggest threat to its security and well-being since the Second World War.
David Cameron is absolutely correct in his actions of refusing to sign up to a quota system thought up by un-elected Euro chiefs and to keep these illegal immigrants in the nearest country from which they have left, many countries of which are much richer in mineral reserves than the Unit-ed Kingdom will ever be.
Riddings Meadow