IT WAS of concern to many people that the article "Please, leave motorists alone" (Advertiser, Nov 19) by your respected correspondent, Adrian Kibbler, appeared in the press last week.
It opened with an attempt to discredit the South Shropshire Green Party press release discussing the importance of 20mph speed limits in the vicinity of schools and in all residential areas, by likening it to an episode from Fawlty Towers! The press release, Shropshire Star, October 19th, was, in fact, a reasoned plea for the introduction of 20mph zones at all schools and followed the well-publicised efforts by the pupils of Highley primary school to have such a zone outside their school. Incidentally, the press release followed a plea by Bill Longmore, West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner [Shropshire Star, August 8th ], asking for the public’s views on just this topic!
Mr Kibbler appears to have entirely missed the point in his article. At no point does the Green Party attack the use of cars in any way, shape or form. It is simply asking that drivers be expected to drive more slowly in areas where vulnerable people, namely our children, are in large numbers and on foot. To use this plea as an excuse to attack the Green Party, and the many ordinary citizens who wholeheartedly support the lowering of speed limits in our crowded towns, is unforgivably misleading. The Green Party press release makes no point about the relative merits of diesel versus petrol nor of internal combustion versus electric, it is merely an appeal to save lives.
Slowing down will, in fact, make the driver’s hard-earned cash go further, Mr Kibbler!
Robin Pote (Chairman Ludlow Town Centre Residents Association); Denise Thompson[Ludlow 21], Liz Taylor [Ludlow 21], Kim Holroyd [Ludlow 21], Keith Crouch [Ludlow 21], Roger Furniss [Ludlow 21], David Currant [Ludlow 21], Gill Mortimer [Ludlow 21], Richard Olsen (Ludlow 21); Ed Jones (Green Leaf Eco films)