NICK Champion auctioneer reports an entry of 2032 store lambs, breeding, grazing and cull ewes and rams were forward at The Sale Field, Worcester Road, Tenbury Wells.

Trade was exceptional in all sections with buyers all fit to take numbers, with only two pens of ewe lambs failing to change hands.

Store and ewe lambs - 1835: The store lambs met a terrific trade with all types showing an improvement by £2 to £3 per head and particularly dearer the many lightweight smaller lambs with still very few selling under £50. Top price was £70.50 with stronger stores generally selling from £60 to £70, medium stores from £56 to £60 and small stores from £42 to £56 and mini tailenders from £26.50 to £40.50. The overall average was £56.64.

In the show section the judge M Simcock awarded the prize for the best pen of store lambs to some Texel cross from M/s W and C Amphlett, Clee Hill which made £66.50.

General prices for store lambs: Suffolk cross sold from £30 to £70 from E.J. Morris; Texel cross sold from £35 to £69 from Mrs B. Davies; Charollais cross sold from £46 to £63.20 from Miss S. Levi; Rouge cross sold from £42.50 to £54.20 from H. E. L. and H. M. Bradley and Son; Beltex cross sold from £55.50 to £63.80 from Mrs M. Morgan; Mule wethers sold at £52 from R. Dahn and Son; Romney wethers sold at £58.50 from N. and J. Denniston; Kerry Hill wethers sold at £44 from J. B. Jennings; Welsh wethers sold from £31 to £35 from B. Broome.

Ewe lambs: Only a few pens were left for breeding selling to a top of £70.50 for Suffolk cross North Country Mule from M/s Goddard, Eardiston with others at £66 and £69. Lleyn sold to a top of £67 with others at £60 to £62.50. Jacob sold at £45.50 and Soay at £26.50.

Cull and grazing ewes, wethers and rams - 162: A cracking trade throughout on a mainly grazing entry with very few strong meaty ewes on offer. An exceptional top price of £96 for some Beltex ewes from G. D. and S. A. Sutton and the overall average was £55.20. Suffolk cross sold from £44.50 to £78.50. Mules sold from £20 to £75. Texel cross sold from £34 to £70. Beltex cross sold from £50 to £96. Charollais cross sold from £52.20 to £70. Ryelands sold at £52. Jacobs sold at £39.50. Welsh sold from £16.50 to £48. Rams sold from £50.50 to £75.

Breeding ewes - 33: Two pens of continental cross yearlings from J. C. Smith, Mamble made £90 and a pen of Jacob yearlings sold at £65.50.

Breeding rams - 2: A Lleyn yearling made £120.75 and a Blue Texel cross Lleyn two year old sold at £107.10.

Next sale on December 12.