Finished cattle - 225: An entry with some very good cattle in it and a great trade on the best. Runs of heifers over 240p/kg peaking at 248.5p/kg. Steers peaked at 228.5p/kg and bulls 215p/kg. There were buyers present for all sorts and again in the entry there were some extremely lean cattle. There were also several over age animals; these sold to over 200p/kg for the right thing. Prices were as follows:-

Light steers: Best quality to 209.5p average 209.5p; also rans to 162p; overall average 186.7p.

Medium steers: Best quality to 228.5p average 220.5p; standard quality to 194.5p average 191.3p; also rans to 179.5p; overall average 193.5p.

Heavy steers: Best quality to 224p average 202.6p; Standard quality to 197p average 193.5p; Also rans to 185p; Overall average 194.8p.

Medium heifers: Best quality to 222p average 222p; standard quality to 197p average 193.5p; also rans to 174.5p; overall average 190.6p

Heavy heifers: Best quality to 248.5p average 222.8p; standard quality to 198p average 191.2p; also rans to 182p; overall average 200.5p.

Light bulls to 174p average 151.3p.

Medium bulls to 211.5p average 185.6p.

Heavy bulls to 215p average 192.5p.

Barren cows and old bulls - 62: A strong trade with a good Belgian Blue cow topping the entry at 172p/kg. Prices were as follows:-

Grade 1 Cows to 175.50p average 161.20p; Grade 2 Cows to 139.50p average 124.89p; Grade 3 Cows to 119p average 114.56p; Grade 4 Cows to 103.50p average 76.06p; Old Bulls to 99p average 99p; Overall average 112.40p.

Finished sheep - 4,658: A nice trade and a very good company of buyers. Plenty of demand coming up to the Muslim festival. Prices were as follows:-

Light lambs to 165p average 147.7p; standard lambs to 172.0p average 153p; medium lambs to 186p average 159.9p; heavy lambs to 170p average 150.2p; overweight lambs to 146.5p average 141.3p.

Export quality lambs sold up to 186p per kilo and averaged 164p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 158.5p per kilo and averaged 154.4p per kilo.

Cull ewes: A good number of ewes found a stronger trade on all sorts with this week's upcoming festival. Selling to £109.50 with an overall average of £54.43. Rams to £95 average £66.43. Ewes will be required next week after the festival to refill fridges.