THERE are moves afoot to get the services of a newsagent back into Bishop's Castle.

A group of people, including former employees, are looking at options to revive the newsagent that closed in the town a few weeks ago.

The scheme is to look at a business that not only sells newspapers, tobacco and confectionary but also other items that people want to buy.

“We want the shop to provide the same caring levels of service the team gave to its customers but make sure that it is aligned to the needs of the town and complements, without intentionally competing with, the products and services already available from the other shops,” said Jimmy Garnier, one of the people looking at the various possibilities.

The group is also interested in hearing from people who can support the shop in other ways.

"We are also looking for people who would like to express an interest in becoming involved to support the shop, one way or another, including anyone who may consider helping by way of a share of the investment and fortunes of this exciting opportunity, or by offering valuable advice on how best to set up the business,” Jimmy Garnier added.