HEREFORD FC chairman Jon Hale has warned supporters to behave themselves at tomorrow's game at Highgate following some incidents that they have been made aware of at Stourport on Tuesday night.

Alleged abusive behaviour and items being thrown onto the pitch were reported by some supporters on social media and internet forums following the game.

A corner flag was also apparently removed

Mr Hale said that the club will be keeping "a very close eye" for any repeat of these incidents and will act to address them if necessary.

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our incredible supporters for the turn out at our first two league games," Mr Hale's statement reads.

"Last Saturday’s home attendance created a new record for the Midland Football League, which is particularly pleasing.

"Then, on Tuesday night, we took over 1,000 supporters to Stourport – a level of support that is absolutely fantastic.

"However, following that game we were made aware of a couple of incidents that have left a sour taste, as it seems a very small minority among our travelling fans were involved in incidents that do not represent the image we are striving for as a club.

"I would like to state that we will be keeping a very close eye out for any repeat of these incidents, and will act to address them if we need to.

"Please remember we are all representing Hereford FC.

"Home and away we are all ambassadors, for want of a better phrase, and in an environment where the next generation of supporter is absolutely key, we do not want any reason for families to not follow Hereford FC home or away.

"Abusive language, violent intentions and encroaching onto the pitch are not the types of behaviour we want to see and as a board we feel it is important to make this point now, so our thoughts on this are clear.

"The vast majority of our supporters behaved impecably on Tuesday despite the disappointment of the defeat, and Stourport treated us with utmost respect.

"We would ask that all our hosts are treated with the respect they deserve.

"We look forward to our trip to Highgate on Saturday, when I am sure we will, once again, take a large contingent of supporters eager to show their support in the correct manner.

"Be loud, be proud, but please remember that your behaviour reflects on everyone that cares about Hereford FC. See you tomorrow."