A PROGRAMME of road resurfacing is planned for Ludlow during 2015.

But Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North on Shropshire Council, is concerned about the standard of some of the work in the past.

He is especially unhappy about resurfacing in Lower Corve Street.

“Lower Corve Street was resurfaced in 2013 but the work by Ringway was judged substandard and the work was repeated in 2014,” said Councillor Boddington.

“Shropshire Council has ruled that work was inadequate so we will see the road resurfaced again this year.

“Although Ringway has to pay the cost of remedial work, it doesn’t pay for officer time or the inconvenience to residents. It is time the company got simple jobs like this right the first time."

Shropshire Council says that when work by contractors is not up to standard it has to be put right.

“Lower Corve Street was resurfaced in 2013 by our contractor, Ringway, but the surface still wasn’t satisfactory so it was resurfaced again in 2014 and is scheduled to be resurfaced again to ensure the surface is of the highest standard,” said Claire Wild, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for Highways.

“Both these subsequent works are at the expense of Ringway and at no extra cost to the council.

“The council will only ever pay once for road works to be done and we are disappointed with the quality of work in this instance and have taken up our concerns with the senior management at Ringway to ensure Shropshire residents get the highest quality without the need for works to be revisited.”