SHOPPERS did their bit to combat the culling of badgers by donating money to the cause.

Members of Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies dressed as badgers, and hit the town to drum up funds for the cause, raising £257, to be donated to Animal Aid.

People also signed postcards, which are to be sent to central Government against the cull, and charity Animal Aid's petition to get CCTV installed in slaughterhouses to combat animal cruelty, on Saturday, September 27.

Ronald Lee, Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies communications officer, said: "We are delighted with the very generous response of members of the public in Malvern, and the dozens who signed postcards and the petition.

"It goes to show that most members of the public are opposed to the ill-treatment of animals and are happy to help animal protection organisations."

Worcestershire Veggies and Vegans can be contacted on 01562 700 043.

For more information on Animal Aid, visit